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Cheating death in berbera
Sports journalists who can think of nobetter question than: "How does it feel?"

Music journalists who have no idea whatthey are talking about but who aremassively well rewarded for spouting ill-informed rubbish.

TV historians who use the present tense when talking about events that happened 500 years ago.
"So, what sort of king is Richard III?"
Answer: He's a pile of bones, so a very, very dead one. Also, since someone else has the job, if he were alive he'd be a very unemployed one.

People who actually take the English football team seriously

Somali drivers' pigheaded refusal to use indicators/turn signals. I can onlypresume that Somalis have mastered the art of mind reading.


Islamic Fanfiction Writer
People who overestimate their prowess. There is no way some regular guy can overpower and defeat a Polar bear.
An easy way to start the conversation. "How does it feel" makes the person being interviewed talk about whatever he/she wants, and it gives the sports journalist an understanding of where he/she can go with the conversation, to get a successful interview by delving into the info he just received, combined with what he/she already had the intention to ask in the first place.

We can't all be original.