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  1. Puffin Stuff

    Why you should nofap

    Do you know how much you can get accomplished if you don't jingle your dingle on a regular basis? If you take that effort and dedicate it elsewhere, you read books, learn an instrument, exercise to ultra-buff levels, experience family time in a meaningful manner that will last for generations...
  2. Puffin Stuff

    Things that grind my gears.

    Sports journalists who can think of nobetter question than: "How does it feel?" Music journalists who have no idea whatthey are talking about but who aremassively well rewarded for spouting ill-informed rubbish. TV historians who use the present tense when talking about events that happened...
  3. Puffin Stuff

    is it wrong to HATE A CERTAIN RACE?

    I do ok on one mile ones on the track but the length and endurance of cross country running just drives me crazy. Anyone else agree or have any tips on managing longer runs? @AussieHustler @4head @Cognitivedissonance @Reiko @Apollo @Basra