Things Somali Men and Women Do/Say That Gets Them Cancelled in The Dating Phase.

Can not think on her own.
Large social media following.
Excessive posts about self love & healing.
Can not let go of the past & always seeking validation.
I get turned off by these "I don't know" ass girls.
No opinions of their own, no hobbies or interests other than TV shows, talking shit on other people or just strictly talk about what their latest mufti said,
Too uptight and adamant in keeping a facade.

I run away from these girls like they got ebola, no matter how pretty she might be

Authenticity is very attractive. I've met girls who live boring lives, but they are very interesting because they willing to be real and open up about their weird interests, crude humor and quirks. They are willing to share their unpopular opinions without caring for your approval. Yet they're respectful.
Girls like them will always get a cosign from me
Add the ones that dont respect themself ( i dont mean girls who commits zina). Yes girll type.


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Add the ones that dont respect themself ( i dont mean girls who commits zina). Yes girll type.
Yeah that type of girls got self esteem issues. However it's a 50 50.

It depends both on the girl and the man dealing with her.
In an ideal situation, she gotta be humble enough to be humbled with her situation and the guy gotta know how to rewire a woman's self esteem and teach her how to be herself.
Not everyone can handle this type of task, that shit takes a lotta work and lots of empathy. Not too many guys got that type of energy or care to fix that.

I'm not gonna lie, it can be rewarding, some of these girls got great qualities but it's just that the way they was raised was toxic which turned them into people pleases to gain approval


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I don't like using emojis in conversations.

She sounds marvelous. Go check out the recording.
I understand that your generation don't really do emojis like that. But it's cool, I can sense the emojis appropriate for the context.

When you say she sounds marvelous, I get a bit weary. You're super slick with trying to put me off with that gender fluid tricks of yours 😂

@Basra you my nigga still even though I dunno where I can place you on the spectrum depending on the day😁


Laa ta aamin nin wa law kaana ninkaaga- bom!
You too, huh? This girl was displaying more red flags than a Soviet parade, but I overlooked it cause she was a legit bombshell 10, a galbeed beauty. Thanks to her I was hospitalised, in my case it all came down to looks, I learned my lesson.
Hospitalised? Really? What happened if you dont mind me asking.
So in this thread i'm seeing tales of guys being hospitalised by women, men being madly infatuated with unstable beautiful women.


So guys, what is the craziest thing you ended up doing for a girl or craziest situation you found yourself in? Oh and another question, what qualities did these girls have that made you deeply infatuated?
Spoke on the phone to this Somali girl who dmed me and she was so aggressive and sounded a bit masculine. Was so shocked cos she was good looking and looked feminine. Eventually just blocked her and she spent the next 2 weeks calling me on an unknown number. Why do I always attract these crazy people?:deadmanny:
Let me guess.... was she from reer minnesota? :sass2::sass1:


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