SPIN: Were You The Popular Kid Growing Up?


I was friends with everyone, however the ppl i used to hang out with weren’t ever able to keep their mouth shut. So we used get jumped alot.😭😭😭


nah I was a geek who got average grades unless it was in zoology.

I did get along with almost everyone. I did get punked a couple of times growing up like most ppl did.


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I was popular in primary school and was lost in the sauce then I started high school and the old jokes I use to make weren’t funny anymore since everyone was mature now brutal reality


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I’ve generally just been a normal guy. I moved schools in Year 9 and then again switched for 6th Form so I feel like I’ve had to start from Square 1 a couple times socially
Was popular in elementary and junior high but became an outcast in high school cause I hated all the cadaans there. Only hung out with the close friend circle I made through elementary and junior high.

Though I did find out a few months ago that a lot of the cadaan girls I despised thought I was cute but didn't approach me because I had a resting face. Good riddance


I ain't even gonna lie, I was pretty popular in school :gaasdrink: especially among girls. I rarely interacted with guys. However ever since graduating high school, I've been a loner :mjcry:


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