1. JudgeJoeGorilla

    SPIN: Were You The Popular Kid Growing Up?

    I was the cool nerd, but hung with everyone.
  2. The Somali Caesar

    Old Wife swap clip still makes me laugh

  3. Manafesto

    OPINION Self-Managed home Abortion and children born out of Wedlock on the rise in Somalia in a country where there is no Abortion clinics.

    I notice the more rabidly anti-abortionists are male. Hmmm. I wonder what that means? Does it mean you're seeking control over something you clearly don't have control of? Abortions happen in Somalia and at Somali Western households as well. They will continue to happen. Will they happen in...
  4. Odkac WRLD

    Alarming trend with young Somali children

    I’ve travelled to the biggest Somali towns in the us (Minneapolis SD Seattle), and notice something especially in Seattle and Mn is it just me or is there a lot of autistic Somali kids? I volunteered at a elementary place a while ago and was shocked. The special needs teacher managed 10 kids...
  5. H

    Dhaqan Celis Madrasa ... or Major Fucking Scam

    Hi my name is Jasmin Osman Go ahead google me I might even go live on youtube and we can talk ... But first, shout them opinions I know there
  6. AarHawd_7

    Remember the 15 year old Reer Xamar kid who went missing?

    and was found trapping OT? The boy was reported missing by his parents but was found trapping OT. He dropped this video The police used this video as evidence against the little boy and he was sent to a Young Offenders Institution. :ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa::ftw9nwa...
  7. Ramen

    What is wrong with Somali kids?

    Wallahi its so fucking embarrassing to sit in the same bus as these loud wild somali kids. What are these somali mothers doing? chatting shit about other somali kids in the neighborhood? are they busy producing children? What are these somali fathers doing? busy producing offspring with their 4...
  8. madaxweyn

    Earliest memory you have?

    My earliest memory was losing my teeth at 7. I also remember headbutting my head on the wall, couches literally anything for no reason at all... it gave me two big buldges on my forehead for next 2 yrs :heh: I also remember as a kid watching a shark horror movie and it traumatized me so much...
  9. Prince Abubu

    400,000 Women and children have died in Southern Somalia from Starvation (in 6 Months!)

    WTF.:mindblown: Why isn't this being dealt with be Konfurians? Look at the comments as well. Typical sociopathic cadaans.
  10. T

    How would you discipline your future kids?

    With a cable and hanger?