Some Madows Are Crazy

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Ancient Chinese were also black, everyone important in history was black do your research shieet

Doesn't surprise me, I had an African American tell me that black people came to earth to cure it lmao. I also had strangely enough a morrocan tell me that Afrocentrism was created by white Americans in order to destroy black multiculturalism.

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Hoteps are the worst man. I had a dude in my school who go have his we wuz Kang's rant. Even said the sumerians and Babylonians of ancient time were black:cryinglaughsmiley:

Well... Madows should be mad at Yakubu then.

:wtf:Poor white people. All these years they were just pawns in an ancient game of black on black hostility. Yakubu, what an evil jerk. :ohlord:

I wonder what ancient hood he represented.

This is what happens when Jerome, Daquan, etc. don't pay attention in school, they make up their own history :gaasdrink:
They've got their own history they should be proud of, no need to steal others:ayaanswag:

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Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Hoteps and Nation of Islam followers are absolutely delusional. Hoteps more so, at least Nation of Islam followers contributed to the civil rights movement despite their shirk, hoteps sit on their asses all day and preach conspiracy theories on Twitter and Facebook


It's all so tiresome
Reminds me of when Somalis claim every celebrity that has the most remote Somali physical features.

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