1. Boogie

    Anyone remember this video? 🤣

  2. F


    Choose what you prefer.
  3. CaliTedesse

    Black American billionaire pays debt of hundred students who graduated You would never see a Somali do that. It will cost him 50 million dollars. f*ck. Wallahi shout out to the only male Black American billionaire. A lot of you Black haters can...
  4. CaliTedesse

    South African Hebrews

    Thank you @Inquisitive_ for your wonderful research. Your old thread on this topic was interesting. Do you mind doing a 2.0 version? This is for all doubting our Sub Saharan brothers of being real Jews. Old thread...
  5. Karim

    (USA) Madow mercilessly kills Muslim Student over Xbox. His fiance mourns at his grave.

    Heartbreaking photos show US student, 22, mourning her fiance at his grave in her wedding dress on the day they were meant to get married after he was shot dead for his Xbox by Facebook buyer (African American). Heartbreaking images show the woman knelt at her fiance's grave wearing her wedding...
  6. CaliTedesse

    I never cry about these labels

    Arab or Black. As Somalis I know we are our own group as most of you believe, but wallahi billahi I never complain when people say I am Black or Arab. I use that stuff to my advantage. Turn it around and use it in your advantage guys. Some of you seem so emotional about it. Relax a bit there is...
  7. CaliTedesse

    My personal opinion on Black People and Arabs

    Wallahi billahi these people especially Black people have always been good to me. I'm serious most of them have with Arabs it's a lesser rate, but I still respect these groups and won't generalize them. It's sad to see so much hate directed at them in this forum. Guys step your game up. Work on...
  8. G

    its going down BLACKS VS PAKISTANIS in speakers corner london apparntly somali guy gets banged! SMH

    Black rastafarian guy (Raspect) trying to ally with pakistanis/muslims a couple weeks ago the pakistanis/muslims gave him £1000 during the his youtube live chat a week later the black guy starts getting close to this pakistani girl (Sayeeda al husseini) all hell as broke loose since then these...
  9. SLMan990

    Woke black man takes "jew cracka" to task on nyc subway

    There is a lesson to be learned here: the Jew’s power lies in getting others to fight for him. All the time, he is threatening the black with lawyers, social media attention and cops. He never once says that he himself i will fight the black and let god decide who is right. And then, when that...
  10. Yungmulababy23

    Black Girl pretends to be a Trump supporter; scams $150K

    This girl pretended to be a Trump supporter, said her parents disowned he and asked for donations.
  11. Yungmulababy23


    Why doesn't anyone talk about this muslims are treated way worse than blacks, if you have a muslim name and you try to go on dating sites, or apply for a job you'll have a negative chance of succeeding. Years ago I had this job at this store I was working with these african and I was treated way...
  12. Yungmulababy23

    Kid smacks the black out of his grandma

  13. Yungmulababy23

    Anti white youtuber exposed has a white wife

    This man make thousands of dollars race baiting blacks into hating whites he even said do not date, them but it turns out he has a white wife.
  14. M

    Hamitic Cooperation

    as a Somali I believe the Hamitic people from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia should start our own race. We are sick of tired of being labeled black and never get the representation we deserve. For example everybody in the black panther movie was Madow. They wouldn’t dare put...
  15. Zach

    Stoped by the police in my neighborhood

    so guys I was just stopped by the police on my home from my sisters house, like 5 houses down. So right know it’s 4 am in Germany and I was watching my sisters kids because she had to go to the hospital ( false labor or whatever it’s called) so I was walking down and a police car drives slowly...
  16. Yuna09

    Do you actually hate Bantus?

    Do you hate Bantu folks? I consciously try not to, but lowkey have a distaste for them, because of what the media and internet has shoved down my throat. Yea, and when I talk shot it’s usually in a joking manner, like a normal person. I assumed this about all of you guys, but many people say...
  17. samaalewarrior

    No somali should ever call themselves “black”

    The black label makes absolutely no sense, even for “black” people, I once asked my friend who is “black” why “black” people are called black if they’re either light medium or dark brown, he told me when europeans came in contact with africans they noticed how dark the africans were and called...
  18. Zach

    I only have white friends!

    Salam, So I only have white friends who are mostly gaal. Subhanallah! I feel like I am an average muslim, meaning I pray five times a day, read Quran at least once a week, do my fasting and I go to Friday prayer alxamdulillah! So but I go to parties with my friends, not like to club but a house...
  19. S

    Somali guy explain why white people aren't racist

    I agree with the brother :manny:
  20. Jodeci

    Shocking: Palestinian serial killer in America exclusively targeted Black people for murder

    But "We wuz arab" :mjlol: But "Free Palestine" :mjlol: He's a Christian Arab from Palestine, who lived in Israel before going to America, soon as he gets to America he kills all the black people he can find. Mugshot of Elias Abuelazam after his arrest for a misdemeanor assault warrant in...