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Somaliland Police beats up woman


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police brutality exists in every country m8. our police force isn't the best but i will all ways support them for keeping the peace in SL:salute:

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we will see more of this, as people now have smart phones to capture this. i blame this on corruption, lack of training and low salary.

beating up a woman like that is disgraceful.
Thanks for info, I heard some speculations about this so thought it was the truth. Even so this, looks awful given they have a history of doing this in the past in gabiley district

Hearsay is not a source, why would you believe this non sense from social media? The head of the police is a god fearing man and you lied about of him for cheap FKD....


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He should not only be fired, he should face a jail penalty for assaulting a woman.


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Justice does not discriminate if the women was breaking the law or refusing to cooperate with police than a beating is justifiable otherwise the police officer should be fired.


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If Puntland is Kufsiland what shall we call SL? Women beater-land? I heard Ogaden already had that title though :browtf:
Sexual violence/rape is more prevalent in Somaliland not counting the unreported ones. Puntland was also the first to pass legislation against sexual violence.

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