Somaliland Factories, Mills and Mining Thread

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Raysut Cement Somaliland plant plan 'progressing well'

Oman’s Raysut Cement, a leading cement producer, is making good progress in establishing a new cement plant in Berbera, Somaliland, said a report.

The new facility is one of several investments being made by the company in growing its business in Oman and the wider region, added the Oman Daily Observer report.

Soil investigation studies linked to Barwaaqo Cement Company’s plant in Somaliland have been completed, Ahmed bin Yousuf bin Alawi Al Ibrahim, chairman of the board of directors, said in a report of the group’s financial performance for the nine months ended September 30.

Al Ibrahim said that the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor will be selected shortly.

He also noted that the project is expected to be completed within 12 months from the date of selecting the EPC contractor.
Nice:ehh:. SL shouldn't allow a foreign business to own more than 49%. We should utilize the same strategy arabs do to make sure the national citizens/businessmen always have the upper hand in ownership rights. A cement factory means paved roads throughout the entire country. The asphalt plant has already been established, although we would need a few more in the coming years inshaAllah. I can see a major boom in SL over the next 10 years


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