Somali businesses in Eastleigh

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This is a USIU-Africa student project. We investigate why the Somali-dominated district of Nairobi, Eastleigh, has become a trade hub for all of East Africa despite the very poor infrastructure of the district. Our interviewees are Somali community leader Hajji Hussein, businessman Muhammed Ibrahim Shakul, anthropologist Dr. Paul Goldsmith, and professor Macharia Munene (USIU).
This just shows how business-minded Somalis really are.


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usually Somali resturants in Sydney serve Shit Somali food unproper cooked Bariis but Fresh Khat instead
We're great at serving our own communities with goods and services no matter where in the world.

But at the same time it would be nice if we were less insulated and appealed to others, so the businesses can grow into something more.
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