Update SNA liberate Janaale town


Just saw your other post where you said its all a conspiracy, you are just trolling lol, forget it :mjkkk:
What conspiracy?
I see a picture of the dhulbahante guy who is in Gedo being peddled as being the front man fighting in Janaale.

Seems like the picture disappeared.
How sick Am I it's been 4 years and Celbur is an AS hub also Dayniile too.
But you are liberating Lower Shabele from.AS.
Why not liberate Galmudug from AS and flush out Celbuur?
Are you normal? Why are you asking me?

Why are you upset AS is being cleared of LS?
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Engineer of Qandala
That's a food market in Nairobi.
Eh its twitter, you get a few pics mixed up in there occasionally. Bottom line though Somali National Army has cleared Al Kabob out of the town, unless you want to say the pictures of the Somali troops are also in Kenya :pachah1: