1. Khaemwaset

    Somali Corrections and Custodial Corps Cancels IDs

    Somali Corrections and Custodial Corps Cancels IDs Mogadishu, SOMALIA – In a move to apparently curb the insidious infiltration by Al-Shabab, the Somali Corrections and Custodial Corps, responsible for the nation’s prison management, has taken a drastic measure by cancelling all its issued IDs...
  2. JamalFarah

    Heavy weaponry post-embargo , why it's taking so long to acquire them.

    Ever since the embargo has been lifted, everyone's been wondering how long it'll take for the government to acquire real heavy weaponry, like bomber aircraft, heavy artillery, or armored vehicles. One reason is obvious: money. These things cost money, involving political maneuvering, technical...
  3. JamalFarah

    Offensive against Al-Shabaab + most recent map of government control. The offensive against Al-shabaab, went better than most people gave it credit for. Still far from achieving its objective. Although Al-Shabaab hasn't been completely eliminated from...
  4. Rationale

    Türkye exempt from the arms embargo Türkye and beesha Xalane are exempt from the embargo. Turkish drones and tanks are coming in soon.
  5. Manafesto


  6. Manafesto

    NEWS Kenya says its troops will not leave Somalia anytime soon and SNA is not capable of taking over the security of the capital city yet alone the south

    The Kenya government has affirmed not to withdraw its defense forces from Somalia until the security conditions improve. Somalia had previously said that its national troops can successfully take over the security of the country without foreign troops from the next year but so far SNA is an...
  7. Helios

    UPDATE The Associated Press and the Washington Post Now Report on Missing Soldiers

    Here is the WP article below No more "Sahan fake news" :icon lol:
  8. The Somali Caesar

    SNA soldiers killed in al-Shabab attack near Mogadishu

    At least 13 SNA soldiers killed. Al Shabab say it’s actually 24 SNA soldiers killed. This unfortunate attack happened just outside the Af Goye District. Which is approximately 30 kilometers or 19 miles outside of Mogadishu...
  9. Risotto

    SNA rescues 33 children from Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia

  10. Dharbash

    UPDATE SNA liberate Janaale town

    This achievement by our soldiers has opened the Marka-Afgoye highway @kickz
  11. towerheist

    Al-kebab slaughtered in Middle Shabelle

    More than 40 al-Shabaab terrorists were killed by the Somali National Army (SNA), officials said. Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Taredishe told reporters the terrorists were killed after they attacked a military base in the middle Shabelle region. More than 30 terrorists were wounded during the gunfight...
  12. kickz

    Al kaBob attacks Somali National Army base west of Baidoa

    They got thoroughly karbaashd, near 30 dead, 30 others wounded/captured. Imagine having a 100 men attack a base, these guys got good recruiters.:gucciwhat:
  13. kickz

    Somalia National Army forces deployed in Mudug to stop clan fighting

    Chief of SNA Ground forces arrives to diffuse tensions.
  14. kickz

    Turkey begins shipping Military vehicles in for SNA(Somali National Army) to use

    These vehicles are Mine and Ambush resistant, used by Turkish Army in Syria currently. They have begun arriving to Somalia. El Kabob about to be driven out into Kenya. :siilaanyolaugh: