Should Marijuana be legalized to combat Way?

Ban Qat for Weed?

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • No

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Let's ban both

    Votes: 6 42.9%

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Marijuana has fewer negative social and health side-effects than any other drug, including Qat. Qat has caused huge problems in Somalia, from family issues to endemic unemployment and laziness. The money spent every year in Somaliland alone is reported to be $500 million! Imagine if that moment was collected in tax instead and used to fund infrastructure projects around the country. Qat takes money from.the pocket of the poor in Somalia and deposits it into the bank accounts of Ethiopians and Kenyans. Money that could be used to set up a small business, send your kids to school, invest, buy a home etc. is fleeing the country and into the pockets of our enemies. Qat also has huge negative impacts one one's health. It has been linked to mental health problems, autism, decreased virility in men, mouth/throat cancer, poor dental hygiene and depression. Qat is also incredibly hard to farm and cultivate. It requires a lot of water and constant supervision. This, coupled with the fact that it it has no nutritional benefit makes growing it in Somalia a waste of time and resources.

Weed on the other hand is cheaper, can be grown by anyone, doesn't have any of the social and health side-effects of Qat and doesn't result in hundreds of millions of dollars of lost government revenue every year. Hemp is also a very useful and cheap industrial material. It can be used for anything from clothes to buildings.

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I can see the trade offs with weed but you are forgetting the social and cultural aspect of khat in sland.

the high from weed is dangerous than khat. you can function normal with khat but on weed you are gonna trip hard and be on whole another dimension, I dont think asking some odey to bless u with his daughter while passing him some dank ganja will be appropriate. :siilaanyosmile: he could bless and not remember anything in the mornin and u lose your "2k meher" lool

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Being legalized, it's consumption will be significantly increased as it will be much easier for anyone to get his hands on. This could lead to low productivity in society at macro level.
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