1. Sheikh

    School shooting in Texas.

    Some mental cadaan kid got mad and took his father's shotgun and revolver and starting to kill students at his High School. These shootings are just messed up. Majority of school shootings is always some cadaan guy. Man are these cadaans are so depressed that they feel to kill people to make...
  2. DRACO

    Funny qaadiid activist continues his mission to get Khat banned!

  3. Xooshdheere

    Why Oromos should be deported

    They bring ghetto slums in main cities, streets kids phenomenon, increase of crimes, trading in drugs, alcohol, children kidnappings and human trafficking, increase of AIDS in Somalia because of them. They are also known for cannibalism.
  4. Prince Abubu

    Should Marijuana be legalized to combat Way?

    Marijuana has fewer negative social and health side-effects than any other drug, including Qat. Qat has caused huge problems in Somalia, from family issues to endemic unemployment and laziness. The money spent every year in Somaliland alone is reported to be $500 million! Imagine if that moment...