Sabrina dhowre and Idris Elba Wedding pics

those guys would probably be picked before you tbh, women find criminals attractive especially over a self claimed feminist man, although thats only in there youth, once they hit 35 or @Basra age soy boys get a lot of play

Do you think any female members of your family would've picked these guys over decent men?


LOVE wins over HATE
Let Them Eat Cake
she's mj:bell:
whenever something big or anyway newsworthy happens its always Mj whether good

or bad

u know, I cant wait media to live tape these two women meeting. I want to watch it to analyze it lol

How do you know that he is gaal when he never claimed to have left Islam and his father is a Muslim and was born as a Muslim? Guys, come out and say, he is not a White man and an Arab man.but a black African man.
You are not wrong i should be careful before i judge. If he was arab, it would be the same, i even prefer madows sometimes, because at least they won't be racist towards her.

But still my point stands though. She embarrassed us.


Warya have some shame, you just don't brag about such things

@Armadillo what is your cousin talking about saaxib, add him to the cuck list
how is it cucking she's unmarrigable by most Somali men due to being a ****:ayaanswag:
the only difference is ours actually secure the ring and get married while yours gets nandos and are unknown/irrelevant and later in life to be wifed by Guys like you:shookgabre: who's the real cuck


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