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Sabrina dhowre and Idris Elba Wedding pics


I am Somalian

Yaa ikhwaani wa ikhwaatee This was like 2,5 years ago. Imagine if he sees her now LMFAO. He would go HAM on her yacni like he did back on Rooble Melvin the Half Puntlander kkk qumayada. I mean she will breed Rooble Melvins too kkkkkk

Allah swt has sentenced Puntland to producing fine ajnabi loving hoes.

The Liberal part of me says it is not that bad. The geejire part of me considers it an L.

I'm afflicted by this!


Married At First Sight, Somali version.

Girls, pick a potential husband.

those guys would probably be picked before you tbh, women find criminals attractive especially over a self claimed feminist man, although thats only in there youth, once they hit 35 or @Basra age soy boys get a lot of play


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I didn't expect YOU to support a muslim somali woman, marrying out with a Gaal only because he is famous and rich. It shoked me tbh. Explain this please.

How do you know that he is gaal when he never claimed to have left Islam and his father is a Muslim and was born as a Muslim? Guys, come out and say, he is not a White man and an Arab man.but a black African man.

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