Sabrina dhowre and Idris Elba Wedding pics


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Walahi have feeling she performed black magic on him. I fail to understand what he sees in this bloated qumayo who is average. This marriage won't last long Somalian women are unbearable trust me akhis.


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@Reiko this thread is a guaranteed platinum

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What is with the hypocrisy in this thread :gucciwhat:

The prophet pbuh married many women that were younger than him by a large margin.

You can't shit on Idris for marry someone many years younger than him when our prophet did the same thing.
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No way a Muslim can defend this Marriage. For those who say he is rich at least, money is not everything you goldiggers, you don't exchange your honour, culture and religion for some pennys.

Somali women are the only muslim women, who collectively defend and promote such a behaviour, you see it everywhere in social media. As for us man our hope is , that lineage is only through the father, i.e certain ****s and their kids with foreigners, are not our L anymore.