Sabrina dhowre and Idris Elba Wedding pics


I actually never date Somalian women I leave those to skinny Somalian brothers like yourself. My whole purpose on this thread was jokes yet instead of getting Xalimos on my ass I got this khaniis called Tukraq who wants to score points with TeamXalimo :chrisfreshhah:Btw dont steal my lines I always tell my Somali bros not to give 2 shits when these ugly qumayos marry out since the grass is greener on the other side. :camby:Take this L my nigga you the greatest lapdog on this thread.
sahib I hope you don't think you do better with ajanibis then I do:mjlol: don't play yourself:denzelnigga:


Da queen
Every time I see Idris fatty short hands I die a little. Because his sexiness holds some power to me. those hands snaps me to reality. Maybe that's why he is inlove with her. She appreciate his little thing because the somali va j j is like Asian va j j - small penis friendly
Hand size have nothing to do with penis size

The guy is blessed.
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Salty involuntarily virgin Abdis contaminating this thread. If the genders were reversed, y'all would be loving the thread.

Anyways, congratulations to them. :it0tdo8: If you actually get upset over seeing a happy couple you are extremely pathetic and stupid.



*Sigh* And she had all the most gorgeous features a xalimo could possibly have. Light-skinned, long jileec hair, high cheekbones, and a small waist.


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