Reasons I hate somali men

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Lol im legit laughing, you do know that if you marry a man from somalia that you would essentially be indefinitely confined to the kitchen, these guys arent progressive , your whole life shall be defined by the parameters of the kitchen, let that sink in.:bell:
I'll cook for my lucky Omar everyday ;)
Kkkk you're free to whine, and complain, just remember you Xalimos are stuck with us Ashy Abdis until the end of time. Even the most unfortunate looking Faraax can sleep well at night knowing there's some beautiful Xalimo out there waiting to marry him. Maybe a few "lucky" women will escape, but percentage wise, it's like 0.1%. Terrible odds.

So go ahead and bash us all you want. Just remember that you're here forever. You can't escape.


Take a good look at this picture. That's your future. :hemad:
Look at that halimos forehead


cismaan maxamuud
@Jjero you're 15 you have a lot to learn, at this rate, you would be condemning yourself to a life of servitude and hunger for yourself and your offspring.
One question,are you an import? :ayaanswag:
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