Reasons I hate somali men


I have an IQ of 300
1. Most have a bad superiority complex 2. they are all qabilist ( ALL ). 3. Most are bums and sit at home all day in talking trash about somali women who 9/10 are actually doing something with their lives. 4. They hate on happy interracial relationships/marriages 5. Most of the time they either have no dp or some black and white picture of Somali guy wearing traditional clothes and has an Afro spewing none sense such as “ blm shills”,”Madow loving bit*hes” and last but not least “sharmu*oos” :draketf: You cant say this is incorrect
I am none of these things can I pls be exempted from this Somali men ban
Cheers :samwelcome:


lmao,dont killl me:mjlol:
who brought qabil into this,one thing I've noticed that seems to be common within Hawiye women is that they feel the need to continually stress the superiority of the men/people.I mean you never see a Darood woman saying that Darood men are the best looking men in Africa, shows a lot about the deep insecurities within beesha Hawiye:manny::bell::farmajoyaab:
Because Darood men are ugly, Hawiye has the best looking men in Somalia
@TheMadMullah why are you rating his post funny, answer my quote @ you, pussy :geek:
May God bless me with a, Tall dark handsome faraax with perfect teeth and straight nose from Xamar with a sexy accent and education
That won't happen
You will be stuck with a 9-5 over weight khat chewing Somali taxi driver
Send me a pic once y'all get married


Gaalkacyo Gangster
Kkkk you're free to whine, and complain, just remember you Xalimos are stuck with us Ashy Abdis until the end of time. Even the most unfortunate looking Faraax can sleep well at night knowing there's some beautiful Xalimo out there waiting to marry him. Maybe a few "lucky" women will escape, but percentage wise, it's like 0.1%. Terrible odds.

So go ahead and bash us all you want. Just remember that you're here forever. You can't escape.

Take a good look at this picture. That's your future. :hemad:
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