Reasons I hate somali men

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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
1. Most have a bad superiority complex 2. they are all qabilist ( ALL ). 3. Most are bums and sit at home all day in talking trash about somali women who 9/10 are actually doing something with their lives. 4. They hate on happy interracial relationships/marriages 5. Most of the time they either have no dp or some black and white picture of Somali guy wearing traditional clothes and has an Afro spewing none sense such as “ blm shills”,”Madow loving bit*hes” and last but not least “sharmu*oos” :draketf: You cant say this is incorrect


Inshallah I'll find a moisturized Omar from the motherland instead of dealing with these western ashy Abdis



A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
Women are manipulative and extremely decisive they will get a guy to jump through any hoop believing it was his decision when in actuality it's the females manipulating him subconsciously.

Men are there to serve females they might not know it yet but once you get married in the west you have given up your right as a sovereign man she owns your soul and progeny

May Allah help us see things as they're and not as they appear to be with all the makeup may Allah protect us from the evil nature of some women amiin
There are plenty of reasons to complain nearly every kind of man or woman. But remember by posting threads like these you're tarnishing your own name in the long term.
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