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Make Hobyo Great Again
Allahu akbar. We are blessed with such beautiful land.
They travel from Bosaso to Biyo Kulule and back again.

It's a very long video but it's worth skipping through to see the beautiful land. My favourite part was the transition from the quiet baadiyo to busy Bosaso at the end.

Also I noticed that they are planting trees along the road. It's coming along very nicely. The ones further inside the city are more grown than the ones on the outskirts.


Puntland Independence Movement
Allahu Akbar! This is the most beatiful pictures of puntland i have seen, allah has blessed us with beatiful landscaped and people. I’m gonna buy a drone next time i visit it seems like a good purchase :banderas:

Why didn’t i see this 2 months ago:mjcry:


An astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) shot this photograph of the Horn of Africa, the easternmost portion of the continent. Raas Caseyr, historically known as Cape Guardafui, lies at the junction between the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The coastline is rugged, with mountains, dry river beds, a small delta, and steep cliffs that cast shadows on the landscape.

This arid region is an extension of the Saharan and Arabian deserts. Strong southerly winds are common from May to October during the southwest monsoon season (when this image was taken). The winds transport sand across the cape and create a series of dunes (visible in the high-resolution download of this image). Sand is then transported into the Gulf as streamers that contrast with the darker sea surface.

Dust storms are common in the Gulf of Aden-Red Sea region and have been photographed by astronauts on other occasions, including a wind storm near the the southern Red Sea and a plume from Egypt. In May 2018, approximately one month before this image was taken, Somalia was hit by a tropical cyclone—a rare event for the region because dry desert air typically weakens storms.