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Hasn’t your president recently given up on that region? Move this convo into that thread, not this one
Harti have the best horses in the whole of Africa, even Rage Ugaas the famous Poet Prince of the Maalnguur Reer Cabdulle Mohamed Zubeer OGaden Royal family of the 1740s not only wrote a poem about it, when he was set the task to get the 4 finest horse into order to marry the beauty in the famous gabey with King farax Will Waal, he had to go to Puntland to find those horses, yall should breed them like the famous arabian stallions for competition,

Our Shakespeare of the somali world, Raage Ugaas, did not only write Romeo and Juliet somali version 300 years ago, but also lived it, he spent 4 years to find the best horses, the finest horses to marry the sexy lady, as part of the meher condition, and only Harti had it in the whole of Africa,
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