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If only there were more trees it would look like a tropical jungle paradise.

Like this
I wish we had roads connecting to that region, it has very good chill weather and quite green I would love to live there and a lot of people would move there as well.

Could start planting more trees and urban planning:lawd:


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Kkkk tigey, the dude cracks me up walahi. Can't wait for his Maandeeq tourism agency to have online presence. He should create a website asap

Garowe is getting greener every year
Yeah they're building trees.

Ina Tigey is rageedii. Dalkiisa buu jecel yahay.
Lmao does he at least have Facebook page for the agency?


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Manshallah saxiib, bosaso is sure the best city in Somalia. It has already been about 14 years when i was last there but inshallah i will visit soon again.
Indeed. Bosaso is a beautiful city. Beside the summer it's a great place to be.
Any pics of Carmo my grandmother's from there, apparently its a growing town set to match Garowe in a few years.


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