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La Xawla

Long Live the Somali Republic
"Soon after the First World War, the Italians realized that the shallow bay of Hafun, which had a long, low beach along the mainland side, was a perfect place for a large salt works. The "Società Saline e Industrie della Somalia Settentrionale" built on both sides of the peninsula of Ras Hafun (Hafun and Hurdiyo) what would be the largest salt-works in the world. The firm, constituted in Milan in 1922, rebuilt a town for 5,000 inhabitants in what was ancient Hafun and called it with the name "Dante". Construction began in 1922 and was completed by 1929. In 1931, production began at the salt factory and soon the enterprise at Ras Hafun was exporting by sea over three hundred thousand tons of salt a year for industrial use. In 1941, during World War II, the British, who had lost British Somaliland to an Italian attack, sent north into Somalia from Kenya an expeditionary force that captured all of Italian East Africa and in the process destroyed the salt works."
Nacalaa Re
It's not fair!! our country is so beautiful. Why did we have to have a stupid civil war and hate our brothers in the south and so forth? why couldn't we geeljires have been sent a gengis khan to unite all tribes for the greater good of all geeljires. Our past is depressing, not because of our lack of accomplishments but rather due to the potential of things we could have accomplished had we put aside our pride and put our intellect, arrogance and pride into developing together as a united ppl.

Watch this clip and tell me you don't wish that we had a leader like gengis khan.

He was a once in a generation type of leader. Don't worry, we will find ours soon.
If only there were more trees it would look like a tropical jungle paradise.

Like this
I wish we had roads connecting to that region, it has very good chill weather and quite green I would love to live there and a lot of people would move there as well.

Could start planting more trees and urban planning:lawd: