Popular Somali youtuber becomes permanently disfigured

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This kid is exhibiting all the traits of someone who is low on confidence, self-loathing and acting like a court jester to obtain friendship and attention from others. He’s no different to the local **** who gives out sexual favours to the boys for their attention or the loud teenager girls in the bus/train trying to gather public attention or the kids who hurt themselves as a plead for attention mainly from their disconnected parents.

This boy needs guidance especially as the age from 16-25 is rough for young men who don’t have proper guidance as these formative years can be hard on a male’s development.

1 Tell him stop making youtube videos where he’s the clown. They’re laughing at him not with him
2 Get him a proper dietary plan where he can lose fat and build muscle, eating nothing but clean healthy nutritious food. You are what you need and need a sense of self worth
3 Get him a gym membership, he’s still growing, he needs to maximum years of growth ahead of him
4 Needs a hormone profile panels, see his test levels, estrogen levels, blood glucose levels and need a diet and lifestyle which helps maximum his hormones
5 Needs to start practice intermittent fasting with weight training to lose rapid weight and built lean muscle tissue
6 Needs dental work, close the gap and straighten teeth
7 His facial structure is solid, just need a better fashion sense and hairstyle that suits him more, maybe long hair

There’s no such thing as a truly happy fat boy/man, low energy, no pussy and depressed as hell. Hearing the name Chunkz ethers his soul each and every time. How does one even allow their son to turn out like this? This boy needs discipline and tough love
Not open for further replies.