1. Manafesto

    I Found & Stumbled into DrOsman's newly made Puntland History YouTube channel🤣😂😭

    Looool, I checking Puntland news and I stumbled this new channel and this historic video about Boqor Osman, May Allah bless the grave of our king and freedom fighter. What, I meant to say is within 10 seconds into the video I was pretty sure I was listening to our visionary resident @DR...
  2. Boogie

    Anyone remember this video? 🤣

  3. Daria

    YouTuber Aaliyah Jay Calls Fufu "Dog Food"

    She's currently getting cancelled by UK Black Twitter whilst the Americans sit this one out. I don't blame them, West African food is disgusting 🤮
  4. The alchemist

    Check This Out

    This YouTube channel focus is mostly around interaction with experts in the different science/tech fields, particularly AI, and often goes into an interesting philosophical discussion in relation to the guests' expertise and general accomplishments. I recommend it...
  5. U


    I recently came across these 3 Somali Youtubers and they seem to promote spreading awareness for some issues but also keep their funny content. i feel like we need more Youtubers that try to spread awareness and knowledge and not just make baseless content
  6. Molotoff


    What youtubers and/or Youtube channels do you follow? I like history-related channels such as the one about world war 1. Travelling vlogs, such as bald and bankrupt. I like Honest Guide Prague too.
  7. Odkac WRLD

    Who are some of your favorite Somali diaspora social media personalities?

    When I say this I mean your favorite Somali on YouTube, snap, insta, Twitter or whatever. for YT I think : AwalePop is ok content but extreme cringe NadBash: the sheer amount of Arabs he hangs around with, and the number of Somalis in London, makes me feel like he’s a megacoon lol...
  8. Saintly

    Who remembers these videos?

    These really emo DBZ videos with angsty Linkin Park songs were by far the biggest thing on Youtube? I'm talking like the early to late 2000s. I specifically remember this one These weren't good videos, but they give me so much nostalgia man
  9. Waaqo of Punt

    Logan Paul is such a sore loser kkkk

    This guy cracks me up. All the bs and tough talk and LISTEN to what he says after losing the match :farmajoyaab:
  10. NAAFO

    Best TV Shows

    I tried to make the selection of shows as varied as possible please give your input on whether any of these shows/content is your favourite or none are to your liking if so please disclose what you like and why Netflix shows 1.Narcos 2.El Chapo 3.The Last Kingdom 4.Daredevil 5.Punisher...
  11. A

    Funny USA Xalimo

    2:45:drakelaugh::drakelaugh: 0:45 0:45 Anyone who has Twitter should post this one up, guaranteed retweets. This girl is too funny wallahi. 2:49 She even makes some decent change Think I found you a wife my guy @Jake from State Farm
  12. K

    YouTube having issues

    What's going on guys?
  13. Monisha Hershey

    I found the guy who cried on his wedding day

    Remember this clip guys.. Well here they are :p (watch the intro)
  14. H

    Guys support our YouTube channel please xx

    We do challenges, talk about interesting topics everything!! Help us take our channel to the next level by subscribing, liking & commenting please & thank you
  15. H


    Can they spell in Somali? I think no
  16. H


    JAMAICAN GIRL EATING SOMALI FOOD. her Reaction is so funny
  17. A

    Somali hijabi YouTuber group

    Imagine that the group in the first video with the 4 girls actually had 5 members and they had quite a few videos but all of them where deleted by the 5th girl who you can see in the second video because she got married. That is why you don't things like that, that you know you will regret...
  18. yasmin lan

    Favourite somali youtuber

    she’s interesting and I’m considering going vegan wallahi it has many health and financial benefits
  19. Lalune

    Popular Somali youtuber becomes permanently disfigured

    The afternath: :kanyehmm:
  20. Xooshdheere

    Subscribe to BRITs hosted by Maya Jama