Palestinians Jump Somali Kid At A Hookah Bar In Ohio

What does laser mean? Don't mind my ayeeyo me


El Nino

War illeen balaayo
Wallahi social media activism has gone too far. What does she think will happen now that she posted this. No one will care

I doubt nothing will change, she hopes she will garner some mean tweets and reviews towards that establishment. Overall nothing will happen. Smh:kanyehmm:
Embarrassing this nigga for views. Why does every fuckshit somalis get involved into have to be posted everywhere. Rip to any revenge plots Abdifatah here had physiological damage > physical

Nalaaye floxks

Life is like a sandwich, the bread comes first💰💯
Wallahi some Somalis are mad weird for slandering Palestine that because one kid got jumped by them, despite that bullshit, I’ll still support Palestine
Look at all the dhegcas bootyclappers in here making excuses for their masters :russ:
Imagine if it was other Africans jumping a Somali boy, the slurs would be thrown left right and centre but because its Palestinians qasaros are in here with their usual bootyclapping.


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