Mismeasurement of the Somali

It is entirely possible that Somalis have average IQs much higher than what has been thrown around on this board. I used state standardized test data for two high schools in Minnesota that are 100% Somali to show this possibility.
The first is Ubah Medical Academy in Hopkins and the second is Higher Ground Academy in St. Paul. Combined these two schools have about 1,000 students that are 100% Somali.

Higher Ground Academy compared to the state average:


Ubah Medical Academy compared to the state average:

Almost 100% of each school qualify for the Reduced or Free Lunch program from the USDA. If you adjust for poverty using this program as a proxy for poverty, Somalis outperform even Whites almost all the time! These data have shocked me since I saw them a few hours ago, absolutely mind blowing.

Keep in mind that Minnesota, as a state, has some of the most intelligent people in the US. Being near average in Minnesota means being moderately above average in the US.

@Amun come in here ASAP!!!! Your thread about Nigerians is the reason I looked for this info to begin with.


source: http://rc.education.state.mn.us
I grew up in one of the charter schools that was about 85% Somali, I grew up with about 30 other children in my grade that I still talk to on occasion, I’m a senior in high school now and I’ve taken 5 ap classes and am taking the last ap test I have next week! Also one of my friends got a track scholarship last month