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Lets discuss Blackhawk down!


Study Sunt Tzu’s, ‘Art of War’.
America wanted to install a puppet government under the title of ‘democracy and freedom for the people of somalia’ the truth is, we wouldve ended up as a puppet state letting ourselves be raped by the ameronazi and zionist jewish clique. Allah bless aideed, the martyrs of 93, and those who fought against american colonialism world wide
(Fyi; guys dont waist my time. Just watch this video about welsy clark, a US general who opened up to the truth about 9/11 and the greater israel plan)
One thing I give credit to Aydiid was not letting those pigskin white man tell him what to do. His militia made all Somalis proud that day. It sent a great message, only Somalis can kill other Somalis white man can fock off

Jake from State Farm

We pro xalimo all 2019
Asked my dad this months ago

Basically US originally tried to help Somalia.

Mission failed which resulted in a lot of deaths.

He said quote “ if mission would have been a success than Somalia would be complete different than it is right now”

He also mentioned the war lord was stealing aid from civilians.

So far the warlord always seemed evil too me. Why was he stealing aid from civilians

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