Breaking News Kheyre Announces Presidential Candidacy

Halimo Supremist

Supreme Xalimo from the South.
your not burning shyt farmajo invaded your lot and arrested the sufi sheikh and placed his own puppet in galnus

gone are the days hg hotodid mooryan shyt. You will be blocked from the north by MJ. West by OG and south by other hoto clans.

farmajo emasculated HG and pick their leader with a few dozen eley boys:liberaltears:
Did you log into the wrong account
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Nah I removed @Galmudug States name from the quote accidently when i was responding to his rant.

Now everyone thinks I larp as a HAG qabilist.

This man has shown impeccable qualities in the art of organisation and mediation. I believe he or Farmaajo should win the election, this governmental continuity will also effectively strengthen the central government through the realization of 8 year goals.


Visionary from Garbaharey
They killed each other in the 70s and 80s and they killed each other in Kismayo
Siyad Barre's government had influential Mjs like Morgan so SSDF vs Kacaan is not Marehan vs Majerten. I agree in Kismayo it was a different case. However if you look at it , Darood didn't kill each other like Hawiye did in Muqdisho alone when Caydiid and Mahdi fought.


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