1. Helios

    Breaking: Kheyre Meets Russian Foreign Minister

  2. Helios

    BREAKING NEWS Kheyre Announces Presidential Candidacy

    game on everyone :chrisfreshhah:
  3. F

    Kheyre to Sambaloolshe at the birthday party "Meeshaan yaa kuu ogolaaday?"

    "Come and meet your friends" :russ:.
  4. Cumar

    Somaliland MP exposes PM Kheyre for having shares in Berbera Port Dhageyso:-Soomaaliland oo sheegtay in RW Kheyre uu Saami ku leeyahay Kaydka haamaha Shidaalka Berbera By Radio Dalsan Reporter on...
  5. sgfrmtheblock

    Arrest Crooked Kheyre

    It is widely known that this corrupt failure has been installed as PM of Somalia to take care of SomaOilGas future. The guy went from his position at SomaOilGas to become the prime minister of Somalia without ANY previous history of holding public office anywhere. Everyone knows these facts...
  6. A

    Somalia Government violated domestic and international law in extraditing Qalbi Dhagah-legal expert

    The government grossly violated the Constitution and International Laws in handing over ONLF senior leader Qalbi Dhagah to Ethiopia, an international legal expert has said noting the government failed to study the relevant laws before acceding to Ethiopia’s request to surrender the embattled...
  7. A


    The Federal government led by Farmaajo has recently tried to lie about who signed the prisoners exchanging deal and said the former government led by HSM signed the deal after the government led by farmaajo has been under a lot of pressure after they handed over a Somali freedom fighter. Here...
  8. A

    The corruption and Injustice in Somalia

    The federal government of Somalia is violating the Rule of Law, The prime minister and the president of Somalia are violating the law. on May 2017 a man who killed the director of the supreme court of Somalia was captured. here is the video . The killer was interviewed on the video and he...
  9. A

    Kheyre was the reason there was explosion in muqdisho Today

    He said Alshabab couldn't bomb muqdisho for 30 days because of the Stabilization force yesterday So literally, al Shabab was just proving him wrong:farmajoyaab:
  10. A