TRIGGER WARNING It’s official Somalis are black

I'm not hating on Barkhad. I'm sure he's a nice guy and like any man will seize the opportunity to make a living. He would be an idiot to reject any film roles and we're in no position to question his personal career choices. So lets stop hating the guy for trying to work his way up in Hollywood.

While killing it on Captain Philips, he unknowingly turned into the archetype meme of Somali men. Until another Somali actor breaks into Hollywood it will remain the same.
poor barkhad they always make him play a pirate, remember that Evan peters movie at least the somali girl was kinda cute but they made her dress so ugly And mismatched :mjlol:


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Hater gonna hate, whether Ilhan or barkhad were on spotlights or not. The haters will always find a way to hate, even the Alabama thing was unreal and fake, but still they used. Like look at UK madhows how they create names for Somalis; big forehead, aliens, etc. So stop hating on barkhad

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That’s a very messed up thing to say, I’ve seen him in person other than being skinny he looks like a normal farax. Besides Allah created all of us equally and the body is just a vessel. You’re literally sitting here trolling someone’s looks...put yourself in his shoes smh


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I wonder what happened to him. He vanished after Captin Phillip meanwhile Barkhad got more and more roles in movies.

Barkhad was a better actor this dude performed badly with his voice cutting out while shouting.

His girlfriend is stunning though, they'd represent perfect Somali couple in Hollywood. They definitely have agenda.
Barkhad Abdi is more hardworking and talented as an actor than this dude.


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Nah let's be honest he only ruined your image if you're a dark skinned Somali male :mjlol:


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