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IN MN a 32-year-old pregnant hoyo of 10 kids killed in a car crash. Now Cadaans insulting her on FB

The criminal was dirirng the qwrong way due to drugs

here is how yuo can help


@R.Kelly you are the epitome of gun, gun gun doqon asli ah nacas, there is no mention of her age in any of the articles, and her oldest kid is 18, her works and so did her taxi driving husband who feeds his family,

you lie about this maskiin female,

gun gun ah, ask for forgiveness,

for those noble people who wish to donate, here is the link, one day it may be a family member, or you, All alive will taste death,

Allah forgave a man who had massive sin after he gave a peace of his bread to a hungry man, a peace of bread, Donate please,

donate generously,



A mere finger can’t obscure the sun.
There is no mention of her age any where, this man r.kelly lies,
I should have known.

In hindsight, what I said sounds heartless but I feel for those kids. They lost their precious mother. Nobody can replace her. Hope their dad recovers swiftly and finds support to raise these kids. Somalis should think about adoption - there are kids like these that need a home.
AUN. That’s so so sad. Poor kids :frdfvsb:

How do you have 10 kids at 32?? I wish Somalis considered family planning. This is so tragic.

Allah controls your rizq and why should we judge or care how many they have? do they ask us for money for food brother?

leave it be bro,

There is wisdom in Allah's decisions,