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Current Affairs IMF and World Bank declare Somalia eligible for Debt Relief


Engineer of Qandala
Mashallah that Dr Beileh is an artist for the miracles that he's accomplished in just a few years, mark my words he'll be the one that'll turn Somalia from one of the poorest nations to one of the largest economies in Africa by the next decade inshallah. :it0tdo8:
It helps that he has a PHD in Economics from the USA so he is not a random cab driver or dull Qabiil elder in a political position.
It helps that he has a PHD in Economics from the USA so he is not a random cab driver or dull Qabiil elder in a political position.
Exactly sxb! One of the biggest benefits of having such a large somali diaspora all over the world, millions of educated young Somalis that can use their knowledge to help build our country into a brighter tomorrow.

Trust me walaal the day that peace comes back to Somalia and we have a stable system of peace and justice with the right laws passed that incentives people to do business in Somalia and increases the countries ease of business ranking (lower business tax, cheaper land to operate in, proper security and safety) and that all of the government and the member states are happy with, over the next decade Somalia will have one of the largest brain gains in all of Africa, we're a business savvy people after all, agriculture will flourish, maybe even to the point that we can prepare for the next drought, industry will boom, giving the unskilled rural population a career to look forward too, education enrolment will skyrocket and usher in the next generation of Somali engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountant, scientists etc., many opportunities are just waiting for us once we are liberated from the horrors of war.
First part sounds good second part sounds disgusting, yes debt relief is good but there is no reason for us to be taking out loans when grants are available, it’s literally in there best interests to help up more than it is for us to take loans, this is an imf poverty trap that many African nations have fallen for(imf loans make you poorer), we don’t need infrastructure loans, the only scenario in which these loans would be good is if taken from the populace through bonds
The IMF is very predatory, the ruined many economies in south america.
This is good no more debt now FGS should stay out of debt till no more 4.5 formula corrupt parliament
With this current finance minister we should stay out of debt for now. If the same administration wins the elections then that's 5 more years of no corruption and debt.