I will never move back to get married

Marry from back home or in Western world?

  • Back home

  • Western Xalimo

  • I haven't made up my mind sxb

  • Qaniis baan ahay

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I ❤️ Islam & Aabo Kush. Anti-BBB Anti-Inbred
Just the thought of marrying a Xalimo with red teeth back home makes me vomit. Or one with FOBish characteristics.

Lakiin I've been wondering cause some on this forum swear to God that Somali women back home are better than ones in Western world but I doubt that.

Plus they don't even develop their bodies back home it's all baruur. Bisinka. The cook couple meals like laxoox(canjero) , maraq digaag or maraq whatever or bariis iyo baasto. I can not see myself grow up on these things my whole life I would turn out like that dude from that show that Abdi left on the pic. Before he lost weight. (Can someone drop his before pic in the thread)

Wollah I'd rather marry a Western Somali girl than ones back home tbh.

What about you?


I ❤️ Islam & Aabo Kush. Anti-BBB Anti-Inbred
Girls who grow up in abject poverty are not my type sadly

My ideal type is spoilt rich girl who grew up in Dubai
Then again I heard they treat their man like KANGZ according to some even rub your back and shit


@Pipit :jaynerd:
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I would of course not marry someone from baadiyo but i would marry someone from the goverment.
Or i would marry a western xalimo with daqan and Move Back To Somalia.

Where im NOT a sperm donator with no rights :susp:


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