1. R

    Halimo speaks Korean fluently

    we are everywhere atp. :deadmanny:
  2. senor chang

    lol at this xalimo I found in Instagram

  3. 2

    DaBaby steals song from Canadian Xalimo

    Toronto-based artist and songwriter Layla Hendryx isn’t particularly a fan of oft-embroiled rapper DaBaby. She says she had only become aware that he had just released a song whose chorus sounded strikingly similar to elements of an unreleased track of hers (of the same name) because it was...
  4. S

    MADOW girl makes song about FARAX after he CHEATS on her

    This girl found out her bf 'abdi' cheated on her and she confronted him Man said 'get out of my yard blud' as soon as he saw her :pachah1: Then she decides to make a heartbreak song about him
  5. K

    Women’s study’s Major Graduate [AMA]

    I am confident that I have a fair nuanced understanding on the complex issues that women face today. I speak from a purely objective point of view, Ask Me Anything! Qualifications: University of California San Diego Major - B.A in Women’s and Genders Studies. Minor - B.S in Biology in Sex.
  6. Boogie

    We need to lock man cave for men

    What are these xalimos doing in this section it says man not woman so go to woman den Xalimos entering the man cave
  7. Boogie

    Biggest coon thread ever

  8. A

    Her video title is "WHY I HATE ISLAM AND SOMALI PEOPLE"

  9. R

    Why do women attack the other women when their man cheats on them?

    A Xalimo made a salty tiktok because her man cheated on her with a habesha, an ugly one at that
  10. CaliTedesse

    I will never move back to get married

    Just the thought of marrying a Xalimo with red teeth back home makes me vomit. Or one with FOBish characteristics. Lakiin I've been wondering cause some on this forum swear to God that Somali women back home are better than ones in Western world but I doubt that. Plus they don't even develop...
  11. EL LEETO

    Xalimo appreciaton thread

    come in xalimos of somalispot we don't discriminate here we appreciate our somali gazelles DONT THINK I FORGOT OUR GRACEFUL HARAMBE LOOKING XALIMOS Please post pics of our bootiful sisters :trumpsmirk:
  12. AhmedSmelly

    Why you should marry a western Halimo

    I was just contemplating, what's the best trait a women can have? Obedience If she has a small body count, you can use that against her. Blackmail can do wonders for a relationship. Dont forget, she also has great experience in bed. Manshallah Western Somalis would make the best wives. Yes...
  13. Odkac WRLD

    Debunking widespread myth in Somali community

    People are actually promoting the idea that a woman over 25 is spoiled milk :damn: WTF I understand 30s but 25 is two to three years out of uni :drakelaugh: tf is going on? Personally I’d be willing to consider a woman anywhere from 2 years younger to 8 years older got a nice 10 year window...
  14. Odkac WRLD

    a minor thing that annoys the f*ck out of me

    Why do people feel the need to spam hadiths when they get caught up doing f*ck shit in public. I get repentance but it’s painfully obvious your only posting the hadiths to justify ur actions :mjlol: these ladies gotta stop :damn: just admit u fucked up and let’s move alooongggg And yes...
  15. Daacad90

    Fellow xalimos, sidee uu lebisataa?

    1: 2: 3: 4: 5: No hijab at all How do you dress? And for faraxs how would you like your spouse to dress? @strawberrii , @Gibiin-Udug , @Zaara , @General Asad , @Sammo , @Basra , @Céleste , @Saredo , @Gambar , @KingSolo , @Hani Malab @CaliTedesse , @Tukraq , @Samaalic Era ...
  16. Helios

    Big W for American Somalis

    As a Canadian and a someone who has been to Maine I must say that I'm very proud of the community there for finally getting a somali representative on city council. For it to be a 23 year old Xalimo is even more impressive in my opinion...
  17. Nin-culus

    Somalis from the uk - the final thread

    @MSGA Listen, stop ganging against uk Somali’s u fluffy nigga U look soft asf. Stop generalising us all. I’m a Somali nigga from England. And I don’t get disrespected by anyone. Madow chicks acc love me. Putting us all in the same bag, Somalis generally used to be victims in low class banter...
  18. CanIDimo

    Somali girl at the brink of suicide after her NUDES were leaked

    A Ajnabi guy is spreading the nudes this somali girl sent him all over the internet. SHE'S REALLY ABOUT TO BREAK THE INTERNET LIKE KIM KARDASHIAN:gladbron:, i feel sorry for her. could yall maybe tweet kind words to this abaayo so she doesn't take her life?:tocry: i won't share the nudes...
  19. Ramen

    What has BLM done to xalimos?

    The hell did blm do to xalimos? im actually concerned. These girls are worrying over people who get shot dead by the police but ignore the fact that their people are out there starving and dying. My blm classmate is obsessed with that blm bullshit and i always mindfuck her with hard questions...
  20. Kratos

    The finest Somali girl ever - part 2

    Forget Fatima Siad look at this light skin gazelle I came across on twitter: :diddyass::lawd::whew: Rate this dime out of 10 Faaraxs