Hypocrisy of some xalimos.

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Because you probably can't afford it. That's what it is. Be honest.

This topic always triggers broke boys and disgruntled men. Just get on with it.

Not willing to pay 10k plus in meher = get called broke. Okay.

But go ahead and marry a non Somali and don't make him a penny.

Sorry but I'm not let u White washed Xalimos walk over him.

I'm not a cuck.
f*ck outta here with that bullshit

Lets see youre ass is broke and you know theres not a xalimo that gonna settle for a 2k meher so you go back home After all like you Said
No. I go back home because most of these Western raised Xalimos are tainted. They have no self respect.

You are a cuck.


Somaliweyn Unionist
How are you going to ask 50k Mehr, a stylish, educated, Muslim guy who's handsome, when you're at the shisha bar everynight, and you don't know what NO means when it comes to guys, you're known as the revolving door but have the audacity to sit there with a straight face and say he has to have a degree. How are you going to demand all of that when you're not even half a quarter of what you want.

How sis? How?

I always expect from my spouse what I will also give. If I suddenly lose my virginity I'll make sure to only seek non-virgin spouses.

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
The amount of times the word Cuck was used...

Horta do you guys even know what the word means to be throwing it around like that :draketf:
People are just bootyclapping for the alt-right and/or /pol/, they've used to the word to the point where it doesn't mean anything anymore
Not only would I not go above 3999$, she will have to invest in her wedding as well. Ain't no way I am paying ridiculous meher followed by a wedding plus money to her parents. Absolutely not. I will pay 10k meher if she finances 70% of the wedding, 20k meher if she finances 99% of the wedding. Did i slave away all those years for her?:westbrookwtf:
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