1. Al-Burcaawi

    I have an announcement to make...

    NOTE: LISTEN TO THIS SHIT WHILE READING THIS: As of today, Monday March 2, 2020, I've officially Drum rolls please... HIT A PLAT NIGGAAA:ooh: That's right I just joined the cool kids club:trumpsmirk: I thank all my niggas who have been with me since the start, y'all are the absolute...
  2. Odkac WRLD

    Roast Thread

    Verbally violate a SSpotter who’s been getting on your nerves but In a nice way roast someone who’s been getting on your nerves lately lemme begin @beenleey stop qashining me you fuckin weirdo :madkid: Wlhi I won’t tolerate this anymore :fredo:
  3. Lostbox

    Guys do you find there is double the Somali girls always interested in you then non-Somali?

    It's been long since I've a last had platinum thread. Make this a platinum. Girls join if its that same case for you with Somalis guys or not. Even when I was used chubby I may had 1 - 2 non-Somali interested me at the time and there will be 2 - 3 Somali women interested in me at the same time...
  4. G

    Hypocrisy of some xalimos.

    How are you going to ask 50k Mehr, a stylish, educated, Muslim guy who's handsome, when you're at the shisha bar everynight, and you don't know what NO means when it comes to guys, you're known as the revolving door but have the audacity to sit there with a straight face and say he has to have a...
  5. Adheer Warsame

    Xalimos getting RICED

    Ashy Abdis BTFO by based gooks Is there a more cucked race? Abu Luhan :rejoice: