How is Somalia Ethnically diverse?


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I was looking at this map posted by the Washington Post

Was the cartographer smoking crack when he made somalia so green?? How are brazil, america, and Ethiopia less diverse than somalia? You’d expect somalia to be really orange. Authubillah i don’t trust anyone these days. Somalia should be as dark as japan imo.

Somalia is only native to ethnic Somalis. Somali bantu and Barawani are minority groups. I would say 95%+ of our population are just ethnic Somalis. Ethiopia has 80+ ethnic groups, they really were high making this map


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This map is all over the place TF .
How they define ethnic diversity?!
They got literally the whole map wrong.


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I knew they were on something when they listed us as a really happy happy?????? What is that?



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Yes, which is why this Somalia is so homogenous myth needs to stop, somali bantu are like the AA of Somalia, large visible minority

really? And Somali Bantus make 25%? Always thought they were 15% max

I include Somalis who identify with the majority but with more than 5% Bantu ancestry into the ethnic minority bucket, lol.

That plus Benadiris, many Oromos, and the few Arabs and Asians.


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To be Somali is a social construct. If you're Chinese and speak Somali, you are immediately regarded as Somali by the community.


We’re ethnically diverse. 25% minority non-somali.

I despair when I see non-Somalis in my country but it’s the sad truth. If it was up to me I would kick out anyone who doesn’t return 100% somali on a dna test


Only 75% of Somalia (even with Somaliland included) is fully ethnically Somali.
a few certain clans in the shabelle valley and other parts of konfuria have bantu sheegads to boost their number. still tho 25% minorities in somalia is a bit too high. but somaliweyn together is as homogeneous as western europe. which makes somalis the 2nd most homogeneous group in africa after arabs.