How did Somalis look like 100 years ago (Northern Somalis)

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I'm pretty sure this is what most Somalis wore back than. @Duke of Bohol do you have any old pictures of mjs?

Majeerteen Nomads travelling near 'Eyl looking for a water well to quench the thirst of their camels.
The stuff on their hair is butter. Its used to define curls/prevent frizz. Its the same stuff afar men use today. We've just lost our culture. arabisation walle. :trumpsmirk: afar men.jpg
It's not Arabisation, that came later with wahabis. Its letting the beauty secrets of the old die off that is the problem. :snoop:
Tbh, yeah you are right. Ive changed my mind about some aspects of religion. Religion can beneficial to the development of a country. Even though I'm atheist , i'd prefer a sufi somali state. But i'd put somalinimo over islaminimo :dzmxmmb:.
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The pictures were taken by Roland Bonaparte

Hamdule 'Abdi, Midgaan, Toumaal (Blacksmith), 20 yrs.

Igge Karbaashe, Habar Awal, Sa'ad Muuse, 21 yrs.

Tariq Ahmed, Midgaan (Shoe-maker), Madhibaan, 40 yrs.

Ali Gaboose, Habar Awal, Sa'ad Muuse, 20 yrs.

Tariq Aden, 20 yrs, Habar Yonis, 'Abdallah Isaaq.

Taraad Muuse, Midgaan (Shoe-maker) Madhibaan, 20 yrs.

Ibrahim Tariq, Habar Yoonis, Reer 'Hamoud, 23 yrs.

Cigaal Mohammed, Midgaan, Toumal (Blacksmiths), 20 yrs.

Neriib Muhammed, 'Isa clan of Djibouti, 22 yrs.

Hassan Yusuf, Habar Awal, Sa'ad Muuse,20 yrs.
I didnt Even Know midhiban lives in the North. Thought they lives in the South :ehh:


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
Somalis should no longer claim the Horn. You are clearly non cushtic in origin.
Ethiopians shouldn't even be in the Horn, don't yall believe you mass migrated from Yemen or something. You are clearly non cushtic in origin


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
That has been debunked with evidence. Both Ge'ez and Proto-geez originated in Ethiopia, along with monumental south arabican writing.
Both also predate all Semitic languages in the ME (not including Assyria).

The only reason why Europeans originally pushed this narrative was because they thought we were too advanced to be African...which says more about the rest of the continent.
its a joke.... don't you see the similarities in what you said earlier and what I said. Nobody is trying to hear the history of a nation you are not apart in. Your Somali, you got no claim to Ethiopian history ( it's the equivalent to the Germans in the Roman empire ) but let's not derail this thread, please
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