How did Somalis look like 100 years ago (Northern Somalis)

The Horn of Africa countries have the lowest BMIs in the world. They are still skinny. I recall seeing some studies on that by NGOs.

I mean those in the west but even backhome it is messed up specially the women ( a lot of obesity).
Maybe AA are on to something when they say current Somalis are half breeds :lolbron:
These nikkas all look west Africans:mjpls:

The Madhibaans in the pictures are the ones that look the most Somali but even them can pass off for a AA basketball players.

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European anthropologists of the 19th and early 20th century were retards who easily believed local myths and documented them as facts. Not everything they wrote is correct.
That is kinda bullshit though Madhibaans are not short and there is no Arab admixture in other Somalis (already busted by DNA tests).
I don't know. They describe different facial features and the wording seems like the author met these specimen in person.

It's probably false since the author writes about the clan origin myths right above the quote.