Hayaay young halimos in the west have outdone farahs in body count

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:pachah1:Even with 15, @Rkelly would still give her asylum in his harem. All is not lost. His eligibility criteria is having a "who-ha". Nothing artificial. You must be a natural born woman. :birdman:
The amount of cognitive dissonance in the above posts!!!!!!:faysalwtf::faysalwtf:
The concept of Hijab is for both men and women in Islam, is it not? Pious men should not have "side chicks". NO EXCUSES.
And anyone who uses "we all sin" as some type of mental gymnastic to allow their desire to 'eat their cake and have it too'...they don't have any right to get mad at those ty women. Both are s.

Ok. That's your opinion abaayo macaan but I disagree with you.
Yo this legit terrifies man you know. When it comes to marriage I am legit scared. Bruv no ones wants a hoe as a mother for ur kidsand mali chicks are just too ty. For a white girl that is kinda over the top bit a somali muslim girl whos deen and dhaqan is against shit like this and to act like that is normal, mad:damn:. I am flabbergasted wallahi. Man might as well marry a normal muslim girl, cus wallahi somali girls are wilding out here g.

Legit everytime I go to the club I see bare mali chicks wallahi and they expect us man to wife them up. La hawla :francis:
I know, right! Mali girls really be wildin
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Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
She's a bro. Her husband is in the bin/xabsi yet she wants to cheat on him instead of providing moral support to the convict.

I would do what is right and satisfy her needs as soon as possible.

In that case both you and her are dead when he comes out from xabsi


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
:farmajoyaab: I wasn’t talking about myself and I don’t know she’s known for being a bit :oops: as they like to say so I doubt it
This is in London I guess. Yo wallahi somalis are off in that london. :faysalwtf: a train for f*ck sake but if mali guys did the are all qaanis.

A train is so gay any person who participates in that is a .
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