Hayaay young halimos in the west have outdone farahs in body count

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Horta why are u in this thread? OUT yariisay


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looool, no no. It means reality is harsher and more crazy than mere red-pills would have us believe, it's actually darker than that, hence the term black-pill. No madows for me, I'm happy with my Somali girls, the good ones that is. I think a lot of guys here just swallowed the black-pill after reading this thread, but I wasn't surprised in the least by the convo Bohol posted.

These Xalimos be "why-uh-lean", though. Gassed just for breathing. I'm afraid to light a match. :hillarybiz:



Beesha Reer KPOP!
Hey :ufdup: Don't ask adults inappropriate questions. Okay little girl. That's my private life :ummhmm:
War waxaan kuu sheega adeer... don't expect a miskeen virgin wife, if you as a person goes out sleeping with other women. Take that as a advice. Good women gets good men and bad women gets bad men.:yousmart:
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