Hayaay young halimos in the west have outdone farahs in body count

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Around my parts, Xaliimos are initiated into the neighbourhood gang by getting fucked by every goon in the gang. They say bismillah, before the tip goes in. I was even enticed with the gang bang to join the block gang. Wallahi the brothers show too much love just to trap you.


15 ppl over years is completely plausible, it's 'nothing' depending on your parameters, especially if its just illicit sex. It's possibly a decade judging from her age, most may have been actual relationships. Neither am I surprised she's a hijabi, cuz most these ppl wear hijab from a super young age, where it's more an article of clothing, like a second skin, than it is of religious significance that induces you to abstinence, or some perceived 'moral' code.


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Nothing beats a discrete . The kind of that sees you next morning at work/school but acts like nothing happened :friendhug:

They don't make s like that anymore
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