Half-Somalis, a Case Study

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Call me ayeeyo
I have an aunt who married a white Canadian convert and had two kids with him, and from what I've heard her kids look so different from her that when she takes them to the doctor they assume she adopted them
Well, now I got yet another reason for not marrying out

What if someone tells my kids that I adopted them and they begin to treat me like a step mom :damn:
They are not alone. Dental misalignment/crowding is probably a combination of diet, lifestyle along with form and function. For some reason, their dental arches are not broad enough to accommodate all their teeth. I can't tell you why but I can give you pointers on how to help the not-yet-born.

1. Long term breast feeding (over one-year) can help to build a strong arch.
2. Eating foods rich in vitamins A, E, D and K can help.
3. Oral posture is key - that means keeping your tongue on
the roof of your mouth with your lips together and mouth shut (it works for adults too).
4. Chew equally on both sides of your mouth.
5. Sit up straight and start eating tougher food since harder foods in your diet require more mechanical
movement of the teeth (compared to processed/softer foods which can contribute to teeth misalignment).
6. Maternal nutrition can also play a role.
7. Chew your food thoroughly.
8. Chewing resin gum can help as well.
Mashallah those are great points. What do you study/do?


half somalis look like Tyrone ling peter masood never somali lol I'm good with my own kind.
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