Growing up queer soomaali, the hatred in the culture and the way forward

Is being queer/lgbt a choice?

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Haven't read a single sentence and judged your post as a waste as soon as I saw your username. . Stick to your gaalnimo and clan bigotry in the clan section maggot.
try to do a better job of hiding your butthurt. i know you're upset that i speak frankly about your low caste clan but i only speak the truth.
But .....i am confused. Earlier u said u found "new found respect' for me due to my opinions which agreed with yours. So i assumed, u only respect people with like minded opinions, and not the opinions on its own standing merits, outside your narrow, biased block head mind. I say block head mind not to disrespect u, :) but i am talking about our brain is like a block with four sides, having defense & blocking outside influence.

At any rate--lets gather our thoughts, now, on the scale of 1 - to 10 how much do u respect me? :(
I would say I'm narrow mind once I've made my mind on matters I've approached with an open mind. I'm not built to accept order, traditions, culture, or laws without questioning them. Take the example of this queer asking for my support. Say I do support gays. Say I go to LBGTC ralleys and I donate or counsel a gay "child". My efforts will bare no furits both literally and figuratively. I'm not in the business of directing my time and efforts to meaningles causes; I am not the UN. Furthermore, why does she want my support? Do they want me to hold their hips as the thrust? Do you see normal couples asking for assistance in their sex life? When I first found out what gay was I was confused and utterly disgusted. I took time to grasp my head around it. I've interacted with gays to find out why they are they way the are. And my sound conclusion its a nay for gay.

I'm open minded to things when they are new to me, but once I've gained a sound understand I take a stance. Some would call it having a spine. You seem to have one and that's respectable;however crooked it may or may not be. You come off as a liberal conservative. My respect for you is a 4/10, but don't worry, I've docked a few points because I've meet you on the internet.
Next you will have someone come out and claim, trans-dimension that God had wrong. There from different time period and are aliens...
Schools in London are now beginning to teach 5 and 6 year olds that the boys can be girls and vice versa. Biologist believe that there is only 2 genders. Also being homosexual is being promoted by the liberal retards trying to make people except stuff which isn't true or be ostracized from society.


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