'Girls mature faster'


It's honestly irrational thinking these people have yes it is mostly based on sheer ignorance and many varieties.
The 13 year old girl even if she hits puberty is still a child and nowhere near the maturity stage let alone having a role of a 23 years old or 25 years old.
These are ridiculous reasonings and absurd expectations, it's completely infeasible.

I've seen 25, 26 and 30 year old Faaraxs behaving like 16 years old and people will still say caqligooda ma buuxsanin wtf. Instead they are enabling this by tolerating this nonsense.
25 years are the latest stages of human maturity, their brains develop full capacity of comprehension and coordinate well accordingly being in the same pace as older adolescents also physically and mentally, the end of learning phase and a new chapter, the characteristics and personas that they developed over the years will impact the rest of their lives as this stage determines their outcome .
Unless you have a medical condition , underlying health issues or stunted growth then that's totally explainable.

But nonetheless we should never encourage manchildren nor tolerate their manic behaviours it should never be an exception in the first place.

But since Somalis are male dominated society we have different perspectives hence this isn't the first time I've heard of this.

So I agree with your post
Don’t bother with this weirdo. They were spouting off the same bs on another thread talking about how 14 yo girls are physically developed like a straight up predator. And when you call her out, she calls you emotional and says she didn’t mean it like that even though she clearly did. I suspect it’s a male pretending to be a woman.

Unfortunately, there are many male identified, pick me women in this world who put male misogynists to shame.


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