First time in Somalia stories

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I spoke about some of my Somalia stories in another thread.

I went with a few other UK Somali families. One of the kids from the other family was the devil. Dude used to get little Somali kids to kiss his feet for money and record them doing it. Most of these kids dad's were richer than ours so I was surprised why they would do such a thing at all nevermind for 1 dollar.

Turns out the idiot had overheard his mum talking about when a lot of dollars are converted into shillings,it becoms bags full of cash but he thought she meant pounds converted into dollars becomes bags full of cash. So the idiot gave away all of his 500 dollars of his holiday money his mum gave him to the locals, thinking his mum had the other bags full of his cash for him to spend.

The mothers of kids refused to return the money lol.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
First time I arrived I got money from all my relatives around 20k shilling 8 yr old me thought I was rich turns out the money wasn't worth much at all
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