1. Hamzarashid

    Its not just TPLF it's Ethiopia

  2. The Somali Caesar

    Never skip leg day

  3. The Somali Caesar

    Lil Yacthy shoots his shot

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't make :mjohreally: :russsmug::pacspit:
  4. The Somali Caesar

    Old Wife swap clip still makes me laugh

  5. The Somali Caesar

    Lebanese are lowkey racist

    A female Lebanese journalist (Nidal Al Ahmadieh) who by the way looks like she had terrible plastic surgery, who has said and I quote: “Lebanese are very clean, I don’t know if the refugees are clean” :dead: The funny thing is she’s an Arab and the “dirty refugees” she’s referring to are...
  6. Guts

    Somaliland kids claim they are al shabab!

    Subxanallah! I found this thread on twitter and it was disgusting and full of hatred, may allah help these kids. @Reiko @Abdalla @Farm @GBTarmy @kickz @Suldaanka @DR OSMAN @Yaquub @Crow @Tjioux @Cognitivedissonance @Armadillo @halwa @Reer-Bari @Gambar @PuntiteQueen
  7. CaliTedesse

    Deeqa Afro apologizes for her video

    I can actually understand her sometimes the kacsi just drives you nuts
  8. A

    First time in Somalia stories

    I spoke about some of my Somalia stories in another thread. I went with a few other UK Somali families. One of the kids from the other family was the devil. Dude used to get little Somali kids to kiss his feet for money and record them doing it. Most of these kids dad's were richer than ours...
  9. A

    Ilhan omar in maroon 5 video!

    My Somali friend asked me if I recognised the Somali woman in a music video as he had seen her somewhere before. I looked at the video and I see Ilhan Omar in the music video. Shit is hilarious. She appears at 3:50
  10. S

    Aerial View of Laascaanood

    Couple of neighborhood are hidden by the mountains. This city needs more tree planting tho. As u can see the major roads are paved. Great video tho
  11. Prince Abubu

    Sudan's Pyramids

    Interesting video. Country looks like a hotter and drier version of Somalia, but with roads. As usual comments section is overrun with racists and afrocentrists. @Beja what region has all the pyramids?
  12. Huur

    [Video] A Tribute to Our Afro-Asiatic Heritage

    This video is a tribute to our Afro-Asiatic Nomadic culture and Language. The Nasheed is created by: عبدالرشيد محي الدين and it's called: صومالي وافتخر Enjoy!
  13. DrippinglyWet

    BREAKING: AlShabaab releases new video message from Kenya PoW, David Ngui Wataari. He was capture

    Why always kenyan, catch some ethiopian for variaty
  14. $

    Civil War Videos Thread

    I found an interesting video. It shows some of the destruction in Mogadishu in 1991-1992, it's not too severe here. I am guessing it was before the height of the civil (before USC infighting). You can still see the beauty of the city even though it is dusty and desolate. At about 4:19 you see a...
  15. bored

    Tesla Autopilot just went live, videos are starting to hit YT